About Us

We are Team Nama, a bunch of planet fanatics who love mother earth and want to enjoy life while also creating a better world for ourselves and the generations to come.

Day after day, year after year,the world gives us a million, billion joys.Not just the vistas and the sunsets.The oceans and the canyons.Every drop of rain. Every blossoming bud.Every ray of light and every breath of wind.This world, this home,is the beautiful backdrop of our lives.It enables our existence. It influences culture.It inspires fashion, art, and music.It gives us picnics and festivals.The salty surf and those long, dreamy walks.It gives us the food we eat and water we drink. It gives and gives and gives and we can - and must - give back. We need to change the way we think and act. Because small decisions, that consider the big picture, is how we create a world that thrives. And when the world thrives, each one of us does too.

nama water,actually ethical water,make every day matter.