Zero Waste

DUMMY TEXT FOR TEST: Finally a company that takes end to end responsibility of its products!! It's 2021 and it's high time, companies take ownership of their actions - not just their products but also what happens to them after they are discarded by consumers and the impact it has on the environment. The world doesn't need another bottled water company.....but let's face it sometimes we do end up buying water that comes in single use plastic bottle & most likely that bottle is going to end up in the ocean or our landfills. This is why Nama Water is bringing multi-use, sustainable & recyclable bottles that can be reused 20+ times. Same material as your favorite soda beverage can but with a cap. We are proud to recycle the amount of aluminum that we bring into circulation so that you can quench your thirst in these almost ZERO WASTE bottles, guilt free! Join our circular economy movement today!
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